Russell M. Cera
                President - Libra Books, Inc.

                      ABOUT THE AUTHOR

    Russell M. Cera is a graduate of Upsala College in
    New Jersey and earned two master's degrees from
    Jersey City State Teachers College and Hofstra
    University in New York. Russ taught for 36 years
    in Massapequa Public Schools, and now lives in
    West Islip, New York, with his wife Linda.

    A devout family man who has always had a deep
    passion for nature. His love to write began with
    the publication of freelance work for national
    outdoor magazines. He is currently working to
    compile an anthology of several of his favorite
    outdoor stories.

    The vocations in Russ’s life have kept him from
    enjoying the great outdoors as much as he would
    have liked. Now that he is retired, he can pursue
    his love for writing. “With the pen,” he claims, “I
    can go wherever my imagination allows. I can
    enjoy the wild creatures of nature, explore the
    boundless outdoors, and if I choose, I can even
    run and hunt with the magnificent gray wolves,
    my favorite animals on earth.”
Libra Books, Inc.
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